Professional LED Work Lights for Detailing and Colour Match is an online store owned and operated by Scangrip A/S. At we offer the entire and wide range of high tech LED work lights from fast growing Danish company Scangrip.

Scangrip work lights are built upon the latest technology within LED work lights, hand lamps, head lamps and LED flashlights. 


The Scangrip products are known for their high quality and brilliant design as well as being very cost-effective. The high quality makes Scangrip work lights perfect for usage within tough and demanding environments. At Scangrip we offer at least 2 years warranty on any Scangrip work light. The warranty applies to B2B as well as B2C customers.


Within the wide product range, the Scangrip DETAILING & COLOUR MATCH work lights have become extremely popular worldwide. Besides exceptional build quality and functionality, The DETAILING & COLOUR MATCH work lights all feature a very high CRI value (Colour Rendering Index) meaning these lights are designed for perfect detailing and colour matching. To read more about and purchase the DETAILING & COLOUR MATCH products, please CLICK HERE or click the product category 'DETAILING & COLOUR MATCH' in the left column.


The patented Scangrip LINE LIGHT work light range is built for universal application. Designed and manufactured in Denmark and by use of very solid materials, the Scangrip LINE LIGHTs are perfect for application within tough work environments. Please CLICK HERE or click the 'LINE LIGHT' product category in the left column to read more about and purchase the Scangrip LINE LIGHT work lights. 


All Scangrip work lights purchased at come with US power plugs.


2 years warranty applies to both B2B and B2C customers.


Did not find the Scangrip lights or additional Scangrip products you were looking to purchase? No problem. Please visit and purchase through our european webshop at by clicking the UK flag in the top left corner of the webshop. We are able to include US plug adapters in orders placed at All Scangrip work lights are approved for US voltage. Orders placed at will be dispatched from Scangrip A/S warehouse in Denmark (Europe). Delivery time to the US & Canada is normally 3-5 days. 



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